Kingdoms and Ruins



Intro: Towny is a land claim and community development plugin that allows users to claim areas of wilderness for protection. Within these claims, town members make the rules, including (but not limited to) firespread, hostile mob protection, redstone access, and build/break permissions. For a more in-depth guide to towny, visit their Github.

TIP: Towny uses chunks (16x16 grids) as its claims. You can view these on Java by using 'F3 + G'.

TIP: As more players join your town, so will your town's ability to claim more land. Buy more claims with '/t buy bonus <#>'


Public - Town Admins
/t new <townname> - Creates a new town in the chunk you are standing.
/t claim - Claims adjacent chunks from the wilderness (must be attached to pre-existing claims)
/t buy bonus <#> - Buys a certain amount of chunks for your town.
/t rank add <playername> <town-rank> - Promotes / Demotes town member, giving / taking permission from them within the towns borders.
/town set perm <perm> <on/off> - Change town permissions on claimed land.
/plot <fs/nfs> <$> - Places a public town claim up for sale for town members to claim privately (private claims give town members claim to their own piece of protected land within the town)

Private - Town Members
/plot claim - Claims a piece of land for sale privately
/resident friend add <player> - Adds a player to your friends list
/plot set perm friend <on/off> - Allows your friends to build on your privately owned plot


Intro: Starting at Apprentice rank, you can get a job. (/jobs browse and select an option or /jobs join <option>). With jobs, you can earn money quickly on the server when actively doing the job. In combination with certain tools that have job boosts- bought from NPCs scattered around spawn or crates- and server job boosts- bought from /pointshop or the 2x weekend boost- you can earn even more money!

Be careful with the jobs you choose, as you can only have a certain number at a time. You can always leave a job but you would lose that progress. And as you rank up, you’ll have more job slots, allowing you to have up to 5 jobs at once.

Jobs are a leveling system, just like skills and pets. As you level up in a job, you’ll have access to more tools with higher boosts, and you’ll earn more from the job in general.

TIP: Start out with jobs that you often do, such as mining, woodcutter, or crafter. As you earn more slots, choose jobs that coincide with what you normally do; hunt mobs (naturally spawning) use hunter; if you enjoy building, go with builder; farm, farmer and so on.

Ranks that increase max jobs:

Apprentice ($1 Thousand) - 1 Job Slot

Noble ($50 Thousand) - 2 Job Slots

Viscount ($350 Thousand) - 3 Job Slots

Earl ($500 Thousand) - 4 Job Slots

Marquess ($1 Million) - 5 Job Slots


/jobs browse - Lets you browse through the different jobs that are available and statistics.

/jobs join <job name> - Lets you join a job.

/jobs stats - shows your levels across each of your current jobs
/jq - displays your daily jobs quests

/jobs gtop - displays the top players by total job levels
/jobs top <jobname> - shows the top players for the designated job
/jobs leave <jobname> - leaves the specified job
/jobs help - displays a list of all jobs commands


Intro: Skills are a leveling system that directly reflect the activities in which you have partaken. Whether it be Farming, Mining, Fishing, Crafting, Archery, or even running, eating, and falling - you will grow stronger.

Skills can be best understood as a combination of passive and active abilities that fall under specific skill trees. Every 7 levels, you receive a bonus to your active abilities. By leveling your skills, you can increase your strength and efficiency in several stat fields.


  • Strength Increases attack damage

  • Health Increases max health

  • Regeneration Increases health and mana regen speed

  • Luck Increases luck attribute and double drop chance for common blocks

  • Wisdom Increases experience gain, max mana, and decreases anvil costs

  • Toughness Reduces incoming damage


/skill - Opens the skill tree
/skill top <skill> <page> - Displays the top players in a skill


Ways To Earn Keys:

  • Leveling Skills

  • Mob-Arena

  • Completing Achievements

  • Voting for the Server

  • Completing Parkour Courses

  • Event Participation

Keys grant players the ability to unlock crates of increasingly desirable items.


/cr claim - Claim keys received while offline
/crates - Teleport to the current crates
/vault - Teleport to the retired crates

Custom Achievements

Intro: Kingdoms & Ruins is home to over 100+ custom achievements. You can follow your progress and work to complete them all for some unique rewards, including crate keys, permanent nametags, pets, and more.

TIP: Check-in often, especially during events, in order to complete limited-time achievements.


/ach - Opens the achievements GUI

Custom Enchantments

Intro: Kingdoms & Ruins adds 280 unique and custom enchants for players to earn over the course of their experience. For a full list of these enchantments as well as additional items, check out their Website.

Custom Enchantments can be purchased for increasingly large sums of experience from special 'Enchanter' NPCs.

Custom Enchantment books and Magic Dusts of the same rarity can be combined at an Alchemist.

Custom Enchantment books and Magic Dusts can be applied to items by dragging the item onto the tool / book within your inventory.

Magic Dusts can be earned rarely from mob kills.

Enchantment Grades + Costs

  • Simple (800 XP)

  • Unique (1,600 XP)

  • Elite (5,000 XP)

  • Ultimate (10,000 XP)

  • Legendary (25,000 XP)

  • Fabled (40,000 XP)

New items:

  • Magic Dust - Increases the success rate of enchantment books of the same grade

  • Block Tracker - Displays the number of blocks broken with a tool in its lore

  • Mob Tracker - Displays the number of mobs killed with a weapon in its lore

  • Soul Tracker - Displays the number of players killed with a weapon in its lore


  • /ae view <enchant> - View the specified enchantments' description, maximum levels, and applicable items


Intro: By completing achievements and attaining higher status ranks, pets will become available for you to purchase. Pets can be trained under 5 different skill trees and will level up with you.

Skill Trees:

  • Combat

  • Utility

  • PvP

  • Ride

  • Farm


  • /petshop - View all available pets for purchase

  • /petsendaway - Despawn your pet

  • /petstore - Send your pet to storage

  • /petswitch - Select a different active pet from storage

  • /petbehavior - Select the way your pet responds to its surroundings

  • /petcall - Call your pet to you / respawn your pet

  • /pettrade <playername> <$> - Trade your pet in return for money

Creative Plots

Intro: Full list of creative plot commands on the plugin page.


Intro: Artmap allows you to draw your own paintings that can be placed in itemframes or viewed as a map in your hands.

After obtaining an Easel and Canvas, place them down and right-click on the blank canvas to begin painting.

By navigating to the ArtMap menu and clicking on 'Recipes', you have the ability to right-click the Canvas and Easel to spawn them. Alternatively, you can left-click them to view their crafting recipes.

Sitting at an open canvas will allow you to start painting freely.


/artmap - Opens the ArtMap GUI
/art save <title> - Save and exit the easel with your new artwork



/menu - Server menu with many different utilities to explore
/graves - Pay money to return to your death point. Shift+right-click to collect your grave.
/worlds - A menu that displays all world teleport functions
/wild - Randomly teleport within the towny world
/pointshop - A shop to spend vote points
/disguises - A menu that displays your unlocked disguises
/minigames - A menu to navigate to all of the minigames