Kingdoms and Ruins

1.19 Kingdom / Towny Roleplay Server

Server Features

Resource World

We offer players the ability to explore many different special dungeons and structures generated all around the server that all contain valuable loot. Resource worlds are reset monthly!

Creative Plot World

Need to get an idea out? Kingdoms and Ruins has a creative plot world for just that. With custom-built roads and intermittent player builds, the world has a city-like feel. Type /warp creative to get there!

Custom Ranks

Users can rank up as they advance through the server and earn money! Each time a user ranks up they will unlock new features and permissions.


The survival aspect of Kingdoms and Ruins heavily revolves around Towny. Users can use Towny to claim land, raise towns, invite others, and build their own community within the server.

Custom Crates

Players can receive keys from leveling skills, participating in events, taking on the mob arena, completing achievements, voting for the server, and completing parkour courses. Keys grant players the ability to unlock crates of increasingly desirable items.

Bedrock Cross-play

Ever wish you could play with your friends on other devices? Players using the Windows 10 Edition of Minecraft, or the Pocket Edition can join the server as well. All you need is to be signed in with your Microsoft account!


Our server offers more than just Towny and Economy survival. Getting bored of the grind? Compete against others in our custom parkour maps for rewards or take on the fully custom mob arena with friends!

Custom Achievements

On Kingdoms & Ruins you'll find yourself completing over 100+ custom achievements for awesome rewards without even knowing it. Rewards include crate keys, permanent nametags, money, pets, disguises, and so much more!

Jobs & Skills

Everything you do earns you experience and money. Mine, Dig, Run, Eat - Level up, Increase your stats, & Unlock OP abilities!